Saturday, 30 January 2016

Wayne Kollinger's Bragg creek storm block for charity quilt

This is a quilt top I worked on at Dalemead Quilting guilds Stone Soup day in 2014.  I finished the top at home. I know I have a finished picture of this but I am not sure where the picture is at the moment.  If I find it I will post it later.

flannel strip quilt top and baby quilt

I was making some wonky strips for block lotto and decided to make some regular strips with 5inch rectangles that I had. They were all from my scrap pile.  I added the yellow sashing. It was cut into 3 inch strips and the top is done.  I have donated this top to my quilt for a charity quilt. This is all flannel.

This was all donated material to me.  A friend had made the square blocks and the rest of the fabric came with them so I designed how to put them together for a baby quilt. This is the front and back. I am pretty sure there was not much left over. This is flannel as well.  This pair has gone to Dalemead Quilting Guild's charity quilt committee for completion at Stone Soup Day in April.